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Birth Doula & Sleep Consultant

Hi my name is Tamsyn, I am mum to two little boys:
Carter and Grayson.

Before I became a mum I worked as a nanny for many years, I love supporting families and little people.

My first son was an absolutely terrible sleeper and at 4 months I came to breaking point and reached out for help. It was the best decision I ever made! I couldn’t believe that I was getting to sleep for longer than an hour at a time and that I had a baby who was content going down for naps and not needing to be rocked for hours on end. I then went on to study to become a sleep consultant so that I could support families and help them to achieve a better nights sleep… Their is a very real reason that sleep deprivation is used as torture.

I know that no two families are the same and my approach will always be tailored to what works for your family. I can’t promise you that your child will instantly “sleep through the night” but I can promise you that we will find a solution that supports you and your family to make positive changes.

In 2019 I studied to become a birth doula. I had a very difficult medicalised birth with my first son and looking back now with all the knowledge I have gained , I can see why it ended up going the way it did. After his birth I felt traumatised. With all I had learnt whilst studying I went into my next pregnancy feeling confident and supported in my choices. I went on to have a beautiful home birth in my front room whilst my toddler was asleep upstairs.

The gift of a positive and protected birth whether it be home, hospital, induction or belly, is what I want to give every woman.

I will do my absolute best to support and empower you through your pregnancy, birth and early days.

Tamsyn x

Get in touch with me today & together let's change your family’s life for the better.

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