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Are you wondering about the benefits of transitioning your little into a baby sleep bag?

  1. These are the reasons why I love a baby sleep bag for littles:
  2. First and foremost – baby sleep bags are a wearable blanket – not a suffocation hazard
  3. Baby sleep bags make the transition out of a swaddle easier
  4. Baby sleep bags serve as a great sleep cue as it’s only used at nap time and bedtime
  5. Baby sleep bags help to restrict cot climbers
  6. Baby sleep bags help prevent legs from getting stuck between cot bars
  7. Baby sleep bags keep baby warm & cosy as you can change togs to suit the temperature

There is such a large choice of sleep bags to choose from. I personally love the ALDI UK Lilly & Dan sleep bags as they are super soft and an excellent price point.

If you have any questions or need any advice to help toddler sleep, please get in touch for a chat, I’d love to assist you and your family. Email: tamsyn@sleepylittledreamers.com

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