Client Love

“All it took where a few tips and new techniques to get my baby sleeping better but for me it was the follow up that really made the difference and Tamsyn totally over delivered , checking in and offering tweaks and support.”

– Emma & Baby Raffy

“14 Months of sleepless nights were taking their toll when we decided to seek help.Its now been 4 glorious sleep filled weeks since our first chat with Tamsyn. She listened to our plight, reassured us and quickly sent us an action plan. The incredible thing was how easy it all was. We noticed an immediate improvement and after 2 weeks he slept the whole night! We cannot recommend Tamsyn enough!”

– Stina

“We absolutely loved working with Tammy! She patiently walked us through the steps and help us to the programme. We were able to get our 18 month old, who couldn’t go to bed without someone laying down in bed with her and who woke up at least 3-5 times a night, sleeping in her own bed and even through the night. It definitely takes patience and determination but Tam was very helpful in working with us in a way that we felt comfortable easing our daughter into this new routine. We would highly recommend.”

– Sarah & Baby Scarlett

“A big thank you to Tamsyn who helped us reach the ultimate goal of a good night sleep! When I contacted Tamsyn for help, my 10 month old daughter wasn’t sleeping through the night at all, she wanted to be on the boob constantly and would stay awake for hours in a row… but thanks to Tamsyn’s sleep plan and advice we managed to turn things around, and really quickly. Just a few days and Billie slept from 7pm until 6am, without waking up, and it’s still the case 2 months later. Naps took a bit longer but we got there in the end. Putting her to bed is not stressful anymore… THANK YOU!”

– Mama & Baby Billie

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