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I can’t say I know many people who enjoy starting their day at 5am. Anywhere from 6am is a much more sociable and acceptable hour.

As parents, we want to get as many hours of sleep as possible and enjoy the odd lie in every now and again.

Here are 4 tips that could assist in making sure your little one is not an early riser:

  • Is your little one’s room nice and dark?
    Even in those early hours of the morning (especially in summer), It is important that their room is dark. Blackout blinds or curtains are a great affordable fix.
  • Is your little one’s room temperature appropriate?
    It’s always better to be on the cooler side of things as opposed to being too warm so make sure that their PJs (cotton is always best) and tog rating are appropriate for their room temperature.
  • Is your little one having a third nap?
    If your baby is over 8 months and still having a third nap of the day, this could mean that they are not tired enough when going to bed (that afternoon nap is stealing from their nighttime quota of sleep)
  • What does your little one’s daytime routine look like?
    Have a look at your baby’s nap lengths and awake windows between naps.

Also bear in mind that most babies only need roughly 10-11 hours of nighttime sleep, so if bedtime is at 6:30pm and they’re up at 5:30am that is completely understandable. It may be time to slowly shift bedtime a bit later on in the evening.

If you have any questions or need any advice to help toddler sleep, please get in touch for a chat, I’d love to assist you and your family. Email: tamsyn@sleepylittledreamers.com

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